Precision mechanical components

Company specialized in the realization of small/medium components of great precision with high production volumes






Since 1995, working alongside our customers

Founded in 1995, CO.MEC. S.p.A is an Italian manufacturing company that is a world leader in the production of precision metal stamped and cold formed components. The founders of this innovative company are Giuseppe and Alberto Dal Poz.

Currently CO.MEC. has eighty employees with an annual turnover of 16,000,000 € ($18.2M USD). The export share of sales is approximately seventy-five percent (75%).The Company Management is backed up by a strong team of collaborators that possess a great deal of experience in metal cold forming, die design and related manufacturing fields.

Our technologies

The innovative company “know-how” refers to the proprietary rolling technology applied to the manufacturing of small and medium Electric Motor Housings. This unique process delivers capable and consistent measurement precision of the size and roundness values of these components.

Among the other areas in which CO.MEC. S.p.A is specialized are metal inserts used for oil and shaft seals. Other product groups produced include high precision fabricated and assembled products for Automotive use and extremely tight precision fine blanked products up to 10 mm thick.

CO.MEC. production team uses MRP and CRP technology for the purchasing and production planning. We use “Just in Time” and Kanban control and delivery systems to meet and exceed our customer requirements.


We satisfy every need

CO.MEC. strives to guarantee to its customers excellent service, continued investment in its people and technology and focusing on continuous improvement to be the world leader in the field of precision metal components made by cold formed stamping, rolling and fabricating processes.

Customer Base

Typical customers are a large Automotive Multi-National Companies, that are looking for their sub-suppliers to help collaborate on projects where CO.MEC.’s experience is instrumental in helping solve complex technical problems.

The CO.MEC. S.p.A. will be able to guarantee its customers an excellent service by constantly investing a significant percentage of its turnover to innovate its production technologies, for internal research and development activities and for staff training.

Quality System

The Quality system of CO.MEC. is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 e IATF 16949:2016

CO.MEC. has been selected by “FROM CONCEPT TO CAR” (thru the Commerce of Chambers of Torino), as one of the best 150 Companies to represent and promote the Piedmont Automotive District abroad.


Via Grange Palmero, 122/128, 10091 ALPIGNANO (TO) ITALY



VAT NUMBER 06790680018

Our establishments

CO.MEC. 1 Management, design and production
Via Grange Palmero, 124

CO.MEC. 2 production, logistics and receipt of goods
Via Grange Palmero, 104

CO.MEC. 3 production, logistics and receipt of goods
Via Grange Palmero, 136

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